Avoiding Litigation By Conflict Resolution

Avoiding Litigation By Conflict Resolution

A lecture was organised by our club to educate Rotarians and members of our community on the importance of avoiding and preventing legal conflict to celebrate Rotary “Peace Building & Conflict Prevention Month”. The Guest lecturer was Rotarian (Barrister) Azeez Alaka. The topic of the lecture was “Avoiding Litigation By Conflict Resolution”.

He expressed the importance of avoiding litigation through conflict Resolution saying that litigation has disadvantages which include: Long delays before getting judgement, Time consuming, Effect on Personal life and business, Uncertainty, High Cost, Unresolved personal grudges among disputing parties etc.

He said Alternative to Dispute Resolutions are; Negotiation, Mediation & Arbitration which are Faster, Bring Reconciliation, Decision Easily Enforceable, Win-Win Solution, Cheaper, Confidentiality etc. He adviced that precausion should be taken against dispute by; Engaging a professional for advice, Always execute agreement, Making of Will, etc.

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