Hepatitis Zero Project

Hepatitis Zero Project

The World Eradication of Hepatitis B and C is an initiative of Rotarians Action group on Eradication of Hepatitis, in which most clubs are encouraged to be part and own ,Rotary club of Onigbongbo appreciate the fact that in our community health is wealth,hence the need to be part of the world Hepatitis Zero Eradication project.

The club organized a 3 days program which involves awareness, information & education of the people in our community . Also,screened the people, the Nigerian Commission of the RAG provided testing kits(160 each for B and C) and the club has to source for more kits locally to augment the RAG provision.The club produced handbills, Banners & radio jingles in local language & pidgin to sensitized the people.

The support received from Clinton Health Access Initiatives, Lagos state Ministry of Health and Lagos state University Teaching Hospital was enormous as they provide vaccination, referral & treatment platform for those positive .Total of 235(129M,106F)served.

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